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NASH is a world-class foreign exchange and price difference service provider. It is supervised by FSC and FTR international authoritative regulators. It focuses on China and Southeast Asia market expansion and growth profit. NASH Group has foreign exchange, real estate, duty-free shopping malls, blockchain technology application and development. Four core businesses. In 2019, NASH Group will focus on the popularization and training of foreign exchange expertise, so that many investors can understand foreign exchange, understand foreign exchange and how to better participate in foreign exchange.

Strict supervision

Under the dual supervision of the Canadian Financial and Reporting Analysis Center FTR and the British Virgin Islands Financial Committee FSC, NASH strictly enforces regulatory regulations and opens third-party segregated accounts to ensure the absolute safety of client funds.

Adequate liquidity

The traffic provider with the STP nature of EVEST pure bank provides market traffic, ensuring that NASH fully docks the international foreign exchange market and guarantees the long-term profitability of customers from the global foreign exchange market.

Advanced order system

NASH adopts the most advanced EA with single system to achieve efficient automation, order, company and customer to achieve automatic distribution according to the agreed ratio, to ensure the safety of customer funds, can be realized at any time.

Supervisor introduction

FTR supervision

FTR, the abbreviation of FINRAC, is a Canadian government agency established in 2000 and is responsible to the Ministry of Finance. Headquartered in Ottawa Responsibilities: Regulating foreign exchange margin transactions, capital transfers, and bills of exchange, etc., and complying with the approval and registration of the Canadian financial services industry. It is to maintain the stability and security of the financial market. It is one of the top supervisions of the international financial foreign exchange industry and is particularly favored by international veteran brokers! The ability to obtain Canadian FTR foreign exchange licenses has become a foreign currency brokerage among the top brands in the industry. We are familiar with brokers such as Kunlun International, which is owned by CITIC Securities, and Wanlihui, which is owned by Ant Financial.

FSC supervision

The FSC Financial Services Commission is a regulated financial centre that meets international regulatory standards to ensure fairness, effectiveness and transparency in financial institutions and financial markets. The NASH Group is accredited and regulated by the FSC in 2018, in accordance with FSC's client money rules. The NASH Group is responsible for ensuring that payments from retail customers are clearly independent/separate deposits for payments belonging to the Company. The retail customer's money is transferred to a separate customer money bank account held by a third party.

ASIC regulation
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is an independent agency of the Australian government. It was established on July 1, 1998 on the advice of Wallis Inquiry, and is responsible for overseeing companies in Australia. The role of ASIC is to implement financial services laws and regulate corporate behavior to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors. The authority and scope of ASIC are determined by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001.

Regulatory License

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