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General terms

1.1. The current license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) is established between the NASH GROUP represented by the affiliated partner (hereinafter referred to as the company) and any individual or statutory unit. The agreement is an integral part of the public document package, the company relies on The agreement provides services to customers.

1.2. When the client chooses the company's services or interacts with the company, she/he fully agrees to all the terms and conditions involved in the announcement. If the customer disagrees with any terms (chapter, part) in the company's announcement document (also That is to say: if the customer does not agree to the terms of use of the information provided by the company, etc.), the customer should immediately stop all interaction with the company.

1.3. The current agreement stipulates the rights and obligations of the parties involved (company, customer, third party), if any type or form of information material published by the company on its official website for public inspection, if any A party transmits, distributes or publishes in any form (ie, publishes information owned by the company or its joint partners on other websites, or economic news transmitted through the client, etc.) and then assumes corresponding responsibilities.

1.4. Regarding the statutory unit or individual in the current agreement, as long as it receives information from the above-mentioned company web server (website) or information from the company's transaction server, no matter how the information is used, it is regarded as an information user.

1.5. The current agreement applies to information published on the company's web server (website), or broadcasted, or distributed through other information channels, published or other information carrier reprinted information, including hardware (paper) reproduction.

1.6. Other provisions, legal documents and public documents can be applied to any information. In particular:

1.6.1 The company logo is a registered trademark protected by relevant laws, especially the international trademark law;

1.6.2 Macroeconomic news (news) is the company's exclusive property, licensed by Dow Jones (USA) and protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws;

1.6.3 The copyright of materials published by a third party on the company's web server is protected by the law of the author's country and by international law;

1.6.4 The copyright of the material published on the company's web server (website) by the company (using the company noun) is owned by the company and protected by international law.

2. Basic definitions used in current protocols

2.1. The following terms used in the current agreement have a clear meaning unless they are not stated in the current agreement:

2.1.1 Corporate web server (website) A system consisting of software and hardware connected to the network and capable of providing information on demand. Therefore, in order to receive information from a web server (website), it may be necessary for the customer (information user) to advance Authorization may or may not be required, however, the terms of the current agreement also apply to the information obtained through open channels, without authorization, directly through secure channels, if the authorization is successful.

2.1.2 The company's transaction server is a network-connected system consisting of software and hardware. It can provide a lot of information according to the needs, if the authorization is successful. In particular, the information may include the quotation process and economic news of the financial instrument.

2.1.3 The process of receiving information by the user refers to the data received by the customer's hardware (if the hard disk is assumed to be connected to the network or other communication channels). The information is transmitted (reproduced) from the company's server (or other transmitting device) on the hardware. Or system), this process is associated with obtaining information, reading information, and understanding information.

2.1.4 Information or data provided in electronic file or other form: (including any and content, including encrypted text, such as manuscripts, passwords, etc.), images, design elements, photos, and recordings and videos.

2.1.5 Information use refers to the use of software installed on the customer's hard disk (client terminal, browser, etc.) software to view information or convert, copy, or transfer to other transmitters for conversion (especially, hardware copying) ), copying and deleting the information in any way. Transferring the data to a third party by any means is also considered information use.

3. Customer's rights and obligations

3.1. When using information published on a corporate web server (website) or in other forms, the company should:

3.1.1. Provide accurate, accurate and complete personal information (as required for registration) when registering; if such information changes (eg, change of residence, surname (for whatever reason), telephone number or other Personal registration information), please make relevant changes in time. Registration information can be modified by contacting the relevant personnel of the company through the contact information in the address book.

3.1.2 Do not register third party information on this website, even if the party knows it or you request to do so; therefore anyone who wants to register on the website needs to do it themselves.

3.1.3 Proper arrangements are in place to ensure data security. This data may be used to obtain access to other systems (services) provided by the company (authorization). This provision can be used for passwords, login names, identification codes, etc.

3.1.4 Comply with valid international regulations and the laws relating to copyright and intellectual property protection in the country where the customer is located.

3.1.5 Do not attempt to use the company's web server (website) or use software to obstruct (destroy) the operation of the web server (website), or affect its personalized service, or cause the server or its personalized service to be inoperable (unable to enter the server or Unable to use personalized service), or interfere with the normal operation of the server in any other way. In particular, customers should not automatically collect non-public data or information belonging to third parties, customers should not automatically register. Moreover, customers should not make the network Server (website) overload or use some useless information transaction server to cause a failure or affect other users to use the website - or transaction server.

3.1.6 According to the company's valid legal documents, anyone is solely responsible for the use of the customer's account, including those that cause damage or loss to the company (ie, the customer is required to be in his/her account) Any illegal actions (or inconsistencies with the company's public documents) are enforceable.

3.1.7 Cannot use any service that can publish data, or publish threats on the company's servers (websites) in other (illegal) ways, destroy reputations and insult third-party reputation and dignity, vulgar text (especially Containing offensive text), advocating race, religion, or other racial prejudice and hostile language, or directly or indirectly, in any form (format), information that offends human rights protection, citizenship or legal entity (especially, Including accounts (nicknames), conference publishing, etc.).

3.2. For economic news reports conducted under the authority of any third party, the client should:

3.2.1 Focus on effective copyright and intellectual property laws..

3.2.2 Can not be stored, copied, copied, distributed, transmitted through communication channels or any other means, can not be published, can not create their own information according to the news, can not be transmitted in the broadcast, can not issue / or copy the news.

3.2.3 Use the news for personal purposes on its own as a source of information or as a basis for analyzing the economic situation.

3.2.4 Not for commercial purposes, no sale or commission.

3.3. When using the information provided by the company, the customer has the right to:

3.3.1 Independently select any information published by the company on the website server (website) and transmitted through the client or other channels for personal use.

3.3.2 Use the information for personal use without violating the current licensing agreement.

4. Company powers and obligations

4.1. When providing information to customers (providing any channel in any way) or publishing public information, the company should:

4.1.1 Take all possible measures to ensure that the information is true, accurate, complete, timely, continuous and effective.

4.1.2 First consider the customer's needs and continue to adjust the capacity, as well as the content and quality of public information disseminated by individuals through secure channels.

4.2. When providing information (through any form or channel) or publishing public information to a customer, the company has the right to:

4.2.1 Adjust, add, delete, or convert the composition and quality of any information in the entire structure.

4.2.2. Create or delete services provided on the company's web server and restrict access to these rights.

4.2.3. Determine the terms of the publicly accessible general information (through public channels) or through secret means (through secure channels that require authorization).

4.2.4 Determine the price of the information provided by yourself, and view (subscribe) the various services provided on the company's website. In particular, the company has the right to charge the usage fee for such information or services.

5. Responsibility

5.1. The official company website server (website), including all software (website) running on the company's web server: charts, audio, video, and text content can be used. The company does not guarantee that the website or its services are suitable (best ), to meet the specific ideas or expectations of individual users or groups of users for their specific purposes. The company does not guarantee that any (expected, hypothetical, or possible) results can be achieved by using a web server (website) or any separate service. .

5.2. Regardless of the economic news broadcast authorized by a third party, neither the company nor the legal holder can guarantee the completeness, accuracy, regularity (regular) of the information, and they are not liable for any damage or loss, in any case , not using or improperly using the above information, even if they are aware of potential risks or losses.

5.3. The company does not provide any (direct/indirect) disregard of the copyright owner's (author's rights) information regarding publicly available analytical information, news or educational information transmitted by the company or transmitted through other communication channels.

5.4. When the parties establish a relationship under the current agreement, they are all subject to effective legislation.

6. Modify

6.1. The company reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy. In particular, in the current editorial of the privacy policy, directly or not directly described, or the law requires modification or replacement.

6.2. Modify the program:

6.2.1 If modifications are required, the company will send the information to the customer by posting relevant news on the company's official website and through its internal mail system.

6.2.2 By posting relevant news on the company's official website and sending information to customers through its internal mail system, regardless of whether the customer reads and understands the relevant documents or neglects, it will be considered to have accepted the modified part of the privacy policy.

6.2.3 The revised part takes effect after 5 days (120 hours) of publication on the company's website, which was previously considered information only.

6.2.4 The revised document is adapted to any registered account immediately after its publication (excluding previously registered, customer already possessed). The revised terms apply to trading accounts that are registered between the time the document is published and valid.

6.2.5 If there is a law or regulation introduced and the current agreement is required to be amended accordingly, the law or regulation should be implemented as soon as possible after the validity period of the relevant legal copy, regardless of whether the required modification is increased. In the above mentioned documents The regulations in the current agreement that contradict the newly introduced laws and regulations will be invalid after the corresponding amendments come into effect.

7. Final terms

7.1. The company considers the tasks associated with the continuity and timeliness of the information support clause and provides the customer with access to information services. However, conditions not subject to company control may occur and enable the tasks mentioned above. There is a problem or it can't be achieved.

7.2. All possible disputes should be resolved through negotiation or appeal in accordance with valid laws and regulations and the company's public documents.

8. Customer acceptance

8.1. I agree to the terms of all company public documents in order to use the company's services and will terminate the use if they do not agree.

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