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About personal agency partners

The Personal Agent Program provides participants with the opportunity to stabilize their income by obtaining a certain commission rebate from each transaction they attract.

About agency agency partners

The agency agency program provides a stable, all-round one-stop service for multi-level practitioners or companies, and provides the highest compensation for each referee and downstream partner.

NASH is worthy of your most trusted trading service provider and best partner

Service agents and business channels are involved in various regions of each country

Benefits are more than just getting your proxy account

         01, exclusive customer service manager service

         02, no fixed payment every week

         03, there is no limit on the total commission of each account

         04, real-time account inquiry

         05, detailed data analysis and export function

         06, the world's top multi-level rebate CRM system

         07, perfect exquisite promotional materials

         08, 5 days, 24 hours a one-stop service

What do we offer for the agent?

      ★ Up to $25 per rebate

            No commission payment

      ★ Free transfer between agent account and customer

            Flexible and simple

      ★ Real-time rebate to account

            Rebate every week

      ★Personal Account Customer Service Manager

           Our system supports all major national languages

Our main advantage

A, no repeat quote

B, no rejection order

C, 24-hour service system support

D. Negative balance protection policy

E, support 0 fee

F. Strict supervision and simultaneous operation of multiple licenses

G, MT4/MT5 transactions

H, lever diversification choice

I, perfect multi-level CRM real-time rebate

L, bonus activity support

Q, offline roadshows, exhibitions, publicity and cooperation

P, experienced multi-national finance master's degree, professional service support for bachelor practitioners


· In the cooperation plan, as long as the requirements are met, NASH will reward the partners with extra rich commissions, and nominate the best partners within NASH, such as selection and direct licensing.

· Powerful and advanced intelligent EA data indicator support

· High-liquidity deposit and withdrawal, perfect choice for multi-party joint fund payment channels

· Regular multi-channel tour, publicity and complete multi-faceted technical support and learning

Our multi-level rebate CRM system

Subordinate partners will also bring new customers and partners. The multi-tiered rebate CRM system not only allows you to get commissions from your invited customers, but also allows you to earn commissions from your affiliates to invite customers. In addition, all fees are automatically settled, eliminating the time you calculate.

How the multi-level CRM rebate system works

Traders need to visit NASH's official website through your personal agent promotion link, register for the customer area and request a deposit of no less than $100. When the client completes the closing transaction, your bonus will be automatically added to your partner account, and the dedicated customer service manager will check your account funds once a week.

If the partner's invitee decides to sign up for the Partner Program, he will automatically become a partner of the partner.

Partner cooperation program analysis

Plan A: Direct push into gold

Plan B: Direct push

Plan C: Total number of invited registrants

Cooperation steps

1. When you want to know about cooperation, you can contact us on the official website, leave your contact information or contact online customer service.

2. When you confirm the cooperation, please communicate with our exclusive manager and submit your identity information or company information.

3. At this stage, you will need to sign the NASH-Introducing Broker Application.pdf and submit it.

4. After the audit is completed, confirm that your information is correct. You need to sign the NASH-IB Cooperation Agreement.pdf.

5, the signing is completed, at the same time, you finally need to sign the NASH-Anti‐Churning Disclosure.pdf.

6. Sign the registration, upload or contact your dedicated customer service manager to submit a confirmation and open your proxy account.

Note: Signing the document means that you have carefully read the contents of the above documents, and have understood the rights and obligations. At the same time, you have understood the corresponding risks and control measures. The anti-money laundering mechanism is the operating mechanism. You need to understand and promise not to violate it. Otherwise, Will bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences.

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